Selfportrait with Picasso« Barbara Cadabra The Magical Mystery Blog » was created in 2011 by Barbara Christol, a french artist based in Béziers.

After studying Fine Arts in Nîmes, Barbara Christol started a Doctorate of Fine Arts in Paris La Sorbonne university. She works about space and transition, using as well painting as sculpture, performance or photography. Engaged in national and international exhibitions, she often collaborates with other artists. Her philosophy is a cocktail of three ingredients : a lot of work, a twist of humility and the love of art.

The blog proposes a kind of global vision of her art, most attractive and participative as an usual website. Two interdependent parts are functioning here : the blog part with the « notes » and the portfolio.

At first the blog part has mostly presented artworks or doodles about Barbara Christol’s alter ego : Barbara Cadabra, which is an artist superheroine. Then it became quickly an interactive space talking about Art in general.

The portfolio presents a selection of drawings, illustrations, paintings and photographs made by Barbara Christol©. Most of these artpieces are commissions, part of exhibitions or personal artworks. Want to know more about the art? Want to ask for a piece? Want to collaborate? Any suggestions ? Please, email the artist ! 

By the way, you can find all the activities and photos of the artist on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Enjoy your visit!

Copyright: images, paintings, drawings and photos are not free. Please ask for permission.